Are outreach avatars right for you?

See why our AI avatars, known as AIA, give you more peace of mind and better results compared to buying aged profiles on LinkedIn

AIA Advantage #1

Greater trustworthiness

Have you ever tried buying an aged LinkedIn account? Google it right now. To be blunt, the results you get seem… shady.

We’re not here to name names, but the websites and forum-stye marketplaces that sell aged LinkedIn accounts and ‘phone verified accounts’ (PVAs) don’t exactly fill you with confidence.

Many times, it’s not quite clear who exactly you are buying an aged LinkedIn account from. You should also be wary of too good to be true offers of $5 or even $1 LinkedIn accounts, as these are almost certainty scams or bots.

AIA Buyers Guide - Great Trust
AIA Buyers Guide - More Flexibility

AIA Advantage #2

More flexibility

AIA are rented on a month by month basis. Because of this you retain total flexibility compared to buying an aged LinkedIn account outright.

Need to add some avatars to meet the outreach volume of a one-off big campaign or satisfy fulfilment for a new client? Instantly scale with more AIA, knowing you can increase, or decrease, the number of avatars you need at any point in the future.

AIA Advantage #3

Replacement guarantee

When you buy an aged Linked account, reputable sellers should offer you a replacement guarantee should your account get suspended or banned.

But if you look at the small print, this is often conditional on following certain VPN login restrictions, not using multiple accounts on the same browser or same device and so on.

AIA are hassle-free. If LinkedIn suspends or bans your avatar, we replace it for you in 48 hours by simply releasing a new avatar from our pool.

AIA Buyers Guide - Replacement Guarantee
AIA Buyers Guide - Simple Pricing

AIA Advantage #4

Simple pricing

As we’ve mentioned, aged LinkedIn accounts vary in pricing from $5 (avoid these!) to over $100 depending on your options.

We only offer simple pricing options for your outreach avatars. You know exactly what you are getting, and won’t be upsold on costly add-ons you don’t need.

AIA Advantage #5

More professional

By using AIA you know you’re working with a professional service operated by a reputable company in the lead generation space.

This is particularly important if you are setting up LinkedIn outreach on behalf of clients.

If you use third-party aged accounts, instead of AI avatars, you need to be able to explain where they come from, who has potential access to the accounts, and if they are suitable for your client’s brand reputation.

AIA Buyers Guide - More Professional

Are AIA the right

fit for you?

So we’ve talked about 5 reasons why you may want to consider an AI avatar, instead of the old approach of buying an aged LinkedIn account, to help achieve your outreach goals.

AIA aren’t suitable for everyone though. If you’re a solopreneur who is extremely budget conscious, you might be able to find an aged LinkedIn account which works out cheaper for your needs. Just make sure you’re buying from a reputable seller, and double-check their replacement guarantee.

Getting started with AIA?

If you think AIA are the best choice for you, then get started by going to our pricing page.