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AI-Generated LinkedIn Avatars for Cold Outreach Ideal for Lead Generation Agencies, SaaS Companies, and Marketing Agencies

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Add AI-generated LinkedIn avatars to scale your outreach efforts – without the risk of getting banned

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AIA’s Features

Rent LinkedIn avatars to take your business to the next level

AI Avatars (AIA) as an extension of your Team

Plugin AIA into your favourite LinkedIn automation tool

The super safe way to scale LinkedIn outreach

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We offer a 20% commission on revenue generated through new users

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We will prepare your AIAs in 7 business days, and issue you an invoice for them. Note, your first invoice will be prorated for the period ending in the current month. Starting the first of next month, you will be charged the full monthly amount.

AIA Classic comes with:

1) AI-generated photo
2) generic LinkedIn banner that can be customized
3) minimum 100 connections
4) minimum 100 followers, likes, shares, and comments
5) AI-generated bio (About) that can be customized
6) 1-3 previous experience that you can customize to show industry credibility
7) headline that can be customized
8) current role & company can be customized
9) 3 skills (those can be customized)

In addition to AIA Classic, AIA Premium has:

10) ID-ready or ID-verified profiles

No. Neither AIA Classic nor AIA Premium comes with Sales Navigator.

1) LinkedIn banner
2) About (bio)
3) Headline
4) Featured
5) Current role & company
6) Previous experience
7) Skills

Yes. The worst that can happen is LinkedIn restricts them, and we’ll replace them in 48 business hours as part of our warranty.

Depends on what you actually do with them. If you are simply amplifying what you’re doing and it is ethical, we believe it is ethical. If you are using them to scam others, we feel it is not ethical and it is against our Term of Use, and we will suspend your service immediately.

Our users use AIAs for business development, sales development, marketing, recruiting and in some cases to make their company look bigger.

We do NOT allow using our AIAs to promote politics, cryptocurrencies, weapons, drugs, cannabis, alcohol, and pornography.

We recommend no more than:
1) 20 Connection Requests per day
2) 50 InMails per day to Open Profiles (they are FREE)
3) 150 Gmail Address Book Email invites per day
4) 150 Group Messages per day
5) 150 Event Messages per day

Any cloud-based automation tools that do NOT allow you to configure your own Proxy IPs to connect our Avatars with. Examples include Ulinc, Dripify, Zopto, Waalaxy and Dux-Soup.

We recommend and secretly integrate well with most cloud-based tools. We have established partnerships with LIA, Expandi, SkyLead, We-ConnectBuzz and HeyReach. And, we can get you a 10% discount off of any of them while you plug in your AIA into them.

Yes, you will need to manage your AIA using a proxy manager. We will provide you with an SOP for it.


10+ AIAs = 10% OFF
50+ AIAs = 20% OFF
100+ AIAs = 30% OFF

If you’re a lead generation agency, and you’re getting AIA for your clients, you get a 10% discount.

YES, we do. Earn 20% commission on every avatar that your referrals BUY. Become an Affiliate here —

On a case-by-case basis, we can offer you a buy-out option after a 3-month term.

We’ll replace them in 48 hours.