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AI-Generated LinkedIn Avatars for Cold Outreach

Ideal for Lead Generation Agencies, SaaS Companies, and Marketing Agencies

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Build An Army of AI LinkedIn Avatars

Add AI-generated LinkedIn avatars to scale your outreach efforts - without the risk of getting banned

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Our tool is compatible with the top LinkedIn automation softwares

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Joining our affiliate program is quick and easy! All you have to do is sign up, provide a few basic details, and get started.


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Every time someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you will earn a commission of 20%!

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"Over $2.3 million in net new revenue..."

A Top 100 U.S. based lead generation agency (featured on NPR), used 185 LinkedIn Avatars and generated 500+ sales qualified leads in less than 90 days for a publicly traded company, leading to over $2.3 million in net new revenue.

"To increase 5x by connections volume..."

A LinkedIn outreach agency secured 122 AI Avatars and plugged them into their Expandi licenses. They were able to increase 5x by connections volume, lead flow and top-line in less than a month without adding any risks to their clients. They are continuing to ramp up and are ordering 30+ new Avatars per month to further fuel their growth.

What types of traffic affiliates can run?

Blog Articles
Review Sites
Banner ads
And more
Price comparison sites

AIA's Features

Rent LinkedIn avatars to take your business to the next level

AI Avatars (AIA) as an extension of your Team

Plugin AIA into your favourite LinkedIn automation tool

The super safe way to scale LinkedIn outreach

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We offer a 20% commission on revenue generated through new users

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No refund

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90 days


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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Get an answer!

What is AIA?

AIA is a tool that creates AI-generated LinkedIn avatars so you can seamlessly scale your outreach efforts.When you’re looking to add another account to your LinkedIn outreach, AIA will create an account with a uniquely generated AI photo, a customizable header, an “active” activity section with over 100 recent follows, likes, and comments.

What is the most common use-cases for AIAs?

Our users use AIAs for business development, sales development, marketing, recruiting and in some cases to make their company look bigger. We do NOT allow using our AIAs to promote politics, cryptocurrencies, weapons, drugs, cannabis, alcohol, and pornography.

Are there any discounts that I can include to promotion?

We offer a 10% discount a lead generation agency.

Where can I find AIA related resources?

Once you sign up, our team will review your application. When you’re approved, you’ll get access to our ever-evolving asset folder that contains everything you’ll need – email templates, screen recordings, screenshots, use case decks, and much more.

How long is the cookie life?

The cookie life is 90 days. That means if a referral converts any time after the 90th day, the sale will not get attributed to you.

How do I track conversions?

Track clicks, conversions, payouts, and more in your personal dashboard so that you can plan and achieve your goals.

Can I advertise using my affiliate link?

Yes, you can use your affiliate link to promote on any channel of your choice as long as you’re sharing accurate and reliable information about the brand.