Use cases for AIA

AIA Use Cases - Solopreneurs

use case #1


bullet Quickly add email outreach without having spending $1000s on overpriced cold email courses

bullet Focus on your core service instead of technical domain set up

bullet Increase your prospecting volume without have to pay for a VA

bullet Build out a bigger virtual team to improve your credibility when talking to prospects from much larger companies

bullet Let your AIA take the brunt of any negative responses to cold outreach

AIA Use Cases - SaaS Companies

use case #2

SAAS companies

bullet Get your offer in front of more prospects

bullet Quickly build out your cold email marketing function

bullet Support your Head of Marketing with a ready to go team of outreach avatars

bullet Retain C-suite privacy by using avatars for your core prospecting campaigns

bullet Free your marketing and sales people for demotivating outreach admin

bullet Market match your avatars for specific geographic regions to improve response rates

AIA Use Cases - Agencies

use case #3


bullet Start email outreach for clients in days not weeks

bullet Drastically reduce time spent on low value admin

bullet Stop relying on VAs (no more 2FA issues and security risks)

bullet Spend more time on client fulfilment and improve retention

bullet Eliminate the risk of suspending or burning your client’s primary Linked account

bullet Expand your ability to work with more clients and hit bigger revenue goals